Tassie runs on hydro power, so why are residents facing bill shocks like the mainland?

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Tasmania can power itself with hydro. So why might energy bills be going up next month?

in NSW, South Australia and Queensland to a benchmark power price known as default market offers, by as much as 18.3 per cent.

Tasmania's wholesale price is largely dictated by Victoria's, in line with a ruling by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. One of those, power provider ReAmped, has told its 80,000 Australian customers to go elsewhere because it can no longer supply an affordable service.Wait, weren't we de-linking from the National Energy Market?

Mr White says the market conditions mean there aren't any good deals and everyone's bill will be going up.


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oh you thought going green was cheap ? You not only lied to us you lied to yourselves

. . . Coz our society is setup for the middle to pay the bills and make profits for SUPER FUNDS which give millions to the rich and hundreds to the middle class... That's what happens when the foolish middle vote Liberal to get their crumbs. .

Follow the money.

Because almost everything you get told about green energy is a lie.

Still waiting for my $275 rebate on power bills

At least now the argument of cheaper power bills when we change to 100% renewable are gone. I have noticed that some of the climate change extremists are coming out publicly saying the higher bill prices are inevitable.

Even with 100% Renewable, we still get slugged because of our dirty cousin (pun intended 😜). Oh well, the price we pay in return for those GST aye lol.

Not Labor’s fault, ABC. If that’s what you’re getting at.

Because Australians again grab their ankles and take a price hike, insert random reason in the mail


Greed I'd say

Think this explains it

Does anyone know if regional QLD will be getting an increase in power bills or is it just the people who actually have a choice who they use.

Because the parasites are feeding.

Greed pure and simple. The biggest component of energy cost is profit margins, And Albo just like Morrison won't do F.A. about it, or the fact we give a ten year tax holiday to gas companies. Because it's all a con. The politicians work for Industry. It's called fascism.

Privatisation. How many more times do we have to say it?

I wonder who's the pm atm.

greedisthecreed ausgov politas classwar

Price gouging by a privatized energy market? Still a significantly lower increase than Qld or NSW.

Really - when Bass Link broke and they couldn't get hold of that dirty Victorian coal generated power they relied on they used diesel generators.

Because this shit fight has been carefully planned.

Won't matter soon because we'll all be in cars or tents with blankets. What a f*cking mess LNPNeverAgain

No,wait until the next drought.

energy cos have no 'watchdog' to prevent local supply. This is not a supply issue as they are selling to highest bidders overseas and we are paying the equivalent price. They are scumbags and shareholders need to know dividends are coming from us.

Just lucky I guess.


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